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The only card you need 
for smart business expenses

Built for accountants and bookkeepers, Curve is the one place for

smarter business spending and expensing for you and your clients.


What is Curve?

Keep on top of business spending

One way for your clients to pay, one view of outgoings across all accounts, and one app to store receipts. It's a new approach to smarter business spending.

Effortlessly automate expenses into Xero

Curve connects straight to Xero, for instant and hassle-free expenses for Xero accountants, bookkeepers and their clients. Built to fit perfectly with your existing Xero bank feeds.

Features and benefits

The only card your clients need to carry

Spend from any connected Mastercard® or Visa® Business or Personal accounts, and switch seamlessly between them on the move.

Keep better track of business spending

Keep tabs on expenditure and never miss an expense. Every purchase with Curve is instantly categorised and added to your client's spend timeline.

Hassle-free expenses, straight to Xero

All your clients' business purchases are automatically sent to your Xero, complete with transaction details, digitised receipts, and VAT.

A business card without borders

Clients save up to 5% compared with most banks when spending abroad with Curve, even on business cards. No hidden fees. No need to top up before take off.

Never spend on the wrong card again

Cut out the hassle and re-work that comes with clients spending on the wrong card. Clients change the card they paid with up to 14 days later with Curve.

Intelligent fraud protection

Get Instant alerts whenever the Curve is used, and lock the card with one tap in-app - peace of mind for your clients' business spending.

What accountants are saying

How it works



How to: Connect Curve to Xero

Learn how to connect a Curve card and app straight to Xero in 20 seconds.


How to: Automate Away Expense Headaches

Get spending alerts and receipts straight to your inbox with Email Receipts.


How to: Export the Occasional Receipt

Have a one-off receipt for an expense claim? Send them on-the-go with Curve.

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