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About us

Cards, receipts, invoices, expenses. Managing business spending is a real headache. It’s not just about having a suite of apps, or hiring a whole team to manage bookkeeping and expenses. Ultimately, we all want to be smarter with money. Making the right choices on which account to use, how much to spend, and how to keep tabs on expenses.

We set out solve this. Not by building a better bank, but by building a single platform that connects you to your money.

Meet some of the people behind the Curve Accountant Hub, and get in touch today.




Matthew, Business Development Lead

Matthew leads Business Development across the Business and Consumer channels at Curve. Previously he was Global Business Development Director at Quintessentially.


Anthony, Business Development

Anthony works on developing the Business channel at Curve. Previously, he worked on building partnerships at SixPlus.


Arthur, Product Lead

Arthur leads the Product at Curve, and is responsible for product strategy for both Business and Consumer channels. Previously he was Director of Customer Experience in Digital at Barclays, and a consultant with Accenture.


Alan, Product Marketing Manager

Alan is the Product Marketing Manager at Curve. He previously headed up the Community efforts at Curve, and joined as an intern and one of the first hires at the company.

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