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Features and Benefits


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Hassle-free expenses, straight to Xero

Curve and Xero work together to make expenses effortless.  Clients spend and send expenses through one card, synced straight to Xero.

No need for more apps, top-up cards or boxes of receipts.

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The only card your client needs to carry

Yes, your clients need all their accounts. No, they don't need a wallet stuffed full with plastic. With one card to carry, Curve lets them spend from any of their accounts in one place.

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One view of business spending

Every purchase is instantly categorized and added to the Curve Timeline. It's one place to see where your clients' money is going across all the business cards they use.

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Make client mistakes disappear

A personal purchase on a company card, or an expensive expense on a personal card. Mistakes happen.

Without Curve: cash flow hassle at best, potential bookkeeping nightmare. With Curve: go back in time and switch card.

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A business card without borders

When spending abroad, most banks add up to 5% in fees over the market rate for Currency Exchange. Eliminate those fees with Curve. Get access to the market rate for currency exchange + 1%, and see how much you’ve spent in your home currency right away.

No hidden fees and no top-ups. It's the only card you need to pack.

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